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Discover Tai Chi

Discover Tai CHi Online

Discover Taiji is a Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan online training course based on the Heaven Man Earth Taiji system as taught by Adam Mizner. Some of the things you will be learning:

  • System’s complete Jibengong – Foundational training methods
  • Standing Post (Zhang Zhuang) – method for developing internal power
  • Song Shen Wu Fa, the 5 loosenings set devised by GM Huang Sheng Shayan, and other Song Gong
  • The 37 form created by GM Cheng Man-ching and further refined by GM Huang Sheng Shayan
  • Qigong
  • Many partner drills for developing sharp push hands skills – “Smart Hands”
  • Developing the Jins/energies of Tai Chi Chuan – 8 Gates
  • Sword form

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Discover Mind

Discover Mind
Discover Mind Online

An online meditation course to take you from the beginning to true mastery.

“So far I have met very few teachers, who are able to communicate subtle points of the path with such clarity and coherence. To me this shows that someone speaks or acts from direct experience. I often noticed that Adam’s presence and his teachings have an impact that guide his dedicated students into a wholesome direction naturally. His ability to transmit the various stages of the meditative process, both verbally and mentally, is remarkable.” – Tobi Warzinek Founder of the Phuket Meditation Center

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